Barber is a child like any other. His passion is astronomy. He will succeed in obtaining the internship of his dreams at NASA. An experiment that quickly turns into a nightmare for Barber when he learns that space is a conspiracy created by NASA. A revelation that will plunge Barber into a total questioning.

Jonni Phillips

An independent animator, Jonni Phillips is known for her unique style of work that she shares on the Internet. After a 52-minute debut film called The Final Exit of Disciples of Ascensia, she directed a full-length feature film funded by a patreon Barber Westchester.


Barber Westechester is a film set in the town of Des Antos, already featured in her previous series, Secrets and Lies in a Town of Sinners. The main character is also from this series. Jonni Phillips surrounded herself with a dozen other animators to work with her on the film as well as Dylan Kanner, who took care of the music and songs entirely.

Bonus DVD

With Barber Westchester on the DVD, you can find the entire Secrets and Lies in a Town of Sinners series. A show of 10 episodes self-produced by Jonni Phillips that tells several stories taking place in the town of Des Antos.

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