Ondra has asthma, her mother decides to get rid of her old stuffed bear, Kooky. That night, Ondra dreams that Kooky is determined to find his way home. In the boy’s imagination, Kooky gets lost in a forest occupied by strange animals and remarkable beings that he has never heard of from Ondra’s room. And of course, even in this little world, evil exists and Kooky is going to have to face it to prove he’s a real hero.

Jan Svěrák

Jan Svěrák, a Czech director, has made himself known to the general public thanks to his fake documentary Oilgobblers which won the Oscar for Best International Student Film in 1989. In 1997, he won the Oscar for Best International Feature for Kolya.


Originally titled Kuky se vrací, Kooky is a great success in the Czech Republic. The film, inspired by the work of painter František Skála, will require more than 100 days of filming across the country. When it was released, Kooky was the Czech film with the largest post-production budget. The feature film will win numerous awards across the country.

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